Lego Wasn’t this Good When I was Growing Up

Sometimes the creativity of others really knocks you back. When I was a kid Lego was a vaguely pointless tyo that involved you building a truck – and then looking at it. As presents go, it wasn’t exactly up there with my Ghostbusters HQ, which came complete with a pot of foul smelly gunk that was supposed to be ectoplasm from their slipperly apiritionary buddy slimer. Suffice to say my discovery of the sexual practice of bukkake put all that into a bit of perspective. Now I don’t know if you all have checked out Brick Shelf, but if you’re a bit of a saddo liek me then you might want to. Here’s a couple of my own personal favourites, just for you.

First up, it’s everyone’s favourite deranged despot, Adolf Hitler. How you say, blackly comic?

Next up, it’s Vladimir Lenin, looking for all the world like a character from a Soviet Thomas the Tank Engine. ‘No,’ said the Communist Controller. ‘The Revolution doesn’t come until until October’. Hohohoho.

But my all-time favourite lego must be this wheelbound playa;

I don’t think he needs any introduction, does he? I can almost hear his digitised voice telling me that I am… a… very…. bad… maaaan. Yeah, so I’m burning in hell, whatever.


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