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So I eluded to the fact that the Lodi guys had gently mocked me in the previous post, in the latest edition of their fanzine Voce in Capitolo. In their fortnightly odds round-up they asked the question:

Alla Domanda, ‘Terry è vero che gli ultrà Lodigiani ti purgano’ risponderà? (To the question ‘Terry, is it true that the Lodigiani ultras have purged you*?’ he will respond?)

a) Si – 20

b) Si si – 1.28

c) Non so (I don’t know) – 10

d) No – 100

* This is a confusing use of the term purged that even a fluent Italian speaker like Spangles didn’t get at first reading. After consulting some Romani friends we gathered that it probably means that they have replaced Chelsea, or have unsettled my support for them in some way. Apologies for the new style odds by the way, it’s how they do things here.

Then later on, in the latest hot or not column, they say about me: ‘anche se è un moncappato di quelli mostruosi, nonchè fagiano, alle fine te fomenta. Come era contento col suo fumogeno e la sudista in mano, e ce credo n’è che allo Standford (sic) Bridge se la scorda queste cose! The first sentence I’m not sure about, partly becuase I can’t find a definition of moncappato, but the second goes along the lines of ‘how content he was with his flare and (confederate) flag in his hand, and I reckon that he won’t forget this back at Stamford Bridge.’ Which is true enough. 

Simone also wrote a rather entertaining article about how to dodge the metro system, and decided that Colli Albani – my local – was the easiest one to get through without paying, or ‘do a Portuguese’ as they say over here. It seems that they are  the Yorkshiremen of southern Europe. Meanwhile the front cover is a collection of photos from all over Italy from before the post-Raciti regulations came in, wistfully exclaiming ‘Only Two Years Ago….’ Not that this seems to bother them at the match, considering there are flares and mini firecrackers all the time. Which if anything only highlights how out of the loop they are. If the regulations don’t apply to them, how much a part of the scene are they? And how can they complain about the rules? These are all questions I wish I could ask them in person. Oh well.


10 Responses

  1. Not entirely sure you really want to know what moncappato means, CB… think of an old term for someone with Down’s syndrome + the end of a synonym of disabled. According to google, at least.

    Haven’t the faintest idea what fagiano means in this context though. Presumably not “pheasant”.

  2. So basically they think you’re a bit of a retard but they like you anyway.

  3. You know, you could have just text me that, instead of putting it out on a public forum.

  4. FWIW, I think they are refrerring to the general Italian stereotype of Chelsea fans here, rather than to you in particular.

    Fagiano has me stumped as well, though. It also happens to be the name of a Japanese football club, but I very much doubt that they know that.

    In any event, it is quite clear tha you are well on your way to becoming the official English football supporter of the ultra movement in and around Rome. I’m sure a series of gigs on local television await.

  5. I asked Mr BL what “fagiano” means and (you won’t like this, CB) it’s Romanesco slang for “stupid” – based of course on the pheasant’s legendary moronitude. Clearly insulting you just the once wouldn’t have got the point across clearly enough.

    Sorry 😉

  6. Right, looks like you won’t be hearing any more about this lot then.

    One angry email will be fired off this afternoon.

  7. Dai, stai tranquillo!

  8. I’d assume that the sudista in question and in mano is probably our very own Spangles.

  9. Presumably they thought they were just mucking about after all seeing as Simone rang and chatted on messenger. Either that or he fancies me. Whatever.

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