Away Day (Yes I’m aware it’s been a while)

So, I have (possibly stupidly) agreed to do a little away day excursion with Lodigiani this Sunday. Turns out they want me to go with them as I bring good luck. Which seeing as I’ve only seen them win once is a bit of a stupid thing to say, but there you go.

So the schedule is this: meet at Termini for 8am. Eight fucking a fucking m. Still, they seem excited about it as it’s their first proper away trip on the trains since they came back into existence, and our man Simone seems, after a chat on messenger, to actually think I’m all right. Which is nice.

Can’t say I’m looking forward to the six hours spent struggling to understand a word they say mind you. Into the deep end I go…

Oh, and happy new year to those of you who are still bothering to read, I will try to keep updating this more regularly from now on.


3 Responses

  1. 8 am?

    From the website it looks like they are playing Colonna, which is about a dozen km from Ciampino.

    Are they planning to walk?

  2. the vagaries of the sunday train timetable, UA. And it’s an 11am kick off.

  3. Super glue a match stick in-between two razors. Apperantly it’s quite hard to stich those type of wounds up. Or perhaps try the Millwall brick.

    Oh sorry, it’s a family game you say.

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