The search for work

Currently I am jobless, which having been made redundant twice in four years as a professional journalist, isn’t exactly a new experience. The most important thing to do when you’re not working is carry on finding things to do, and if they earn money then all the better. Over here this is even more true than at home, because I can’t sit in bed drinking tea and watch Frasier re-runs on Paramount, but thankfully I’m not short on things I need to be getting on with; Getting some kind of paid employment or regular freelance gig is top priority, only just beating out learning the language well enough so I can actually talk to people who I’m not buying ham from.

Today I need to ring a man from a TV Company called Press TV, who broadcast in English to places in the Middle East and are looking for English language journalists to do three freelance reports a week. This involves a screen test which I may or may not have to take; when I spoke to Mr Sacchi the producer in my best written-down-on-a-notepad Italian he explained that they had already given a screen test to a girl (surprise surprise) and they were waiting to see what kind of response she got before asking for any more. However they are looking for researchers to work alongside these reporters so I should keep in touch. The vast majority of this conversation was conducted between him and my girlfriend, who I had handily placed on standby should he become too incomprehensible for me. He seemed keen on hearing from me again and told me that I should call Lorenzo, the first point of contact I made and thankfully someone who I can converse with in English. As a contigency I also sorted myself out some work at one of those bars that is always filled with Brits and the Irish; not ideal, but it’ll do while I sort out something better.

However, should neither of those options not come through with the goods there is another possibilty that I spotted in the jobs section of Wanted in Rome. See for yourself.


Show business journalist needs personal assistant for office on beach front at Focene beach Fiumicino. Swim and sun between work breaks, wage negotiable, previous assistants have become famous. Tel. 0665088152.

Now I don’t know about you, but I don’t think that our hero is looking for an overweight, balding Englishman to join him for pool-based frolics do you? Now I would put this out to a reader survey, but seeing as the only people reading this blog regularly are me and my girlfriend it would seem like a pointless excercise. So here goes. Should I;

a) Ring him and enquire about the job? After all he does need a journalist and it’s only your prejudices about Italian men all being slimey olive skinned sex pests with short man syndrome that’s making you think he’s after a niave and pert teenage girl looking for her first break.

b) Ask about the job, then after he tells me to sling my hook get my girlfriend to ring him up and put on her most husky, flirtatious voice while asking for an interview in between chatting about underwear?

c) Stop imagining him chilling out poolside (in swimming trunks so tight pubes are sprouting from the top and sides, stroking his slightly greying chest hair while drinking a cocktail just brought to him by a tanned 80s caricature), living the life of riley and move on?

d) Ask him if we’re swimming and sunbathing between breaks, when does any work get done?

e) Tell him I’ll take one for the team as long as it’s our little secret?

Answers in the little comments box please.